Why Deude

Brand influence, capacity and sales volume have indicated Deude's leading role at the business area. Thanks to our  nationalwide cold chain warehousing & logistic system,  Deude's products are distributed to people all over China by channels like retail chain, e commerce, catering and so on.


Production Base

Deude Foods have established ten plants in Ganzhou, Suzhou, Jiaxing, Beijng, Shenyang, Xi`an, Chengdu, Kunming and Wuhan. 

Our Ganzhou plants is FSSC audited, and be well known as China's top factory in the business.


Sophisticated Workers

Professional worker are operating on 20 modern production lines, which located in all the main geographic areas in China. There are over one billion pasta be delivered to the market each year.


House Brand

As  a manufacturer of pasta standardized production, Deude's 6 house brands offers various products of the industry chain. Base on these brands, we are able to provide one stop service from online to offline, catering to family.

Tasty and Easy

A Worl of Gourmand

Top Supplier in China, Offering One Billion Pieces Delicious Pancake Per Year

Italian Thin-crust Pizza

Tailored pizza crust with plenty of shredded cheese. Golden appreance and elastic. Masulira cheese with bacon, delicious make your day.

Chinese Flaky Pancake

Appetizing crisp pancake with layers.

Cooking without oil, could be ready within 3 minutes.

Suitable for both young and old.

Chinese Hamburger

Date back to 221BC, the hamburger like food is popular in north China. "Rou jia mo" is its name, which also translates to "meat burger" or "meat sandwich".

Originated in the Shaanxi Province of China, and Chinese Hamburger is  now eaten all over the country.

Chinese tradition, Chinese taste, Chinese lifestyle.

Scallion Pancake

Shanghai scallion pancake with savoury scallion.

Deude exclusive recipe, convenient DIY at home.

Business Cooperation

Would like to work with Deude? You are welcome to join us as a partner!

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