Bespoke Solution

Applied research is curcial for products to reach the market terminal. R&D improved consumer's connection with products, and satisfied consumer's need in a better way. 
Deude R&D team includes pastry experts, their knowledge & passion could enhance clients competitive edge in target market.
According to client's demand and actual appication scenarios, we offer entire solution for products, equipments and technics.

Research TEAM

Thanks to long time productive practices, Deude has developed a R&D team specialized in products & technics development of deepfreeze Chinese flaky pancake, Mexican Taco, pie, pizza.

Our cutting edge research provide customized products to fullfill high end customer's particular demands. Deude R&D team has two invention patents by far.

13 experts are working together for Deude's R&D department, in which 3 people have postgraduate degree, 5 of bachelor degree and 5 of college degree. Each team member has over 3 years experience in R&D of this field.
Deude R&D director has 15 years experience of deepfreeze pastry research, he has rich professional knowledge and research experience, served as key role in enterprises like COFCO, Synear Food and Sanquan Food.

 Deude Invention patent Invention patent Invention patent Invention patent


Deude cooperates with Chinese top food & oil research institute——Henan University of Technology National Engineering Laboratory of grain deep processing.

The parties has long term projects to researh new technologies of raw materials, such as flour and grease. We aim to improving product quality from the start.


High performance and stringent specification R&D equipments are applied to ensure quality of upscale products.

Deude Food Enginerring Technology Research Center is provincial level and covers an area of 1000 square meters. The R&D laboratories have plenty of advanced R&D equipments and monitoring instruments.

R&D EquipmentR&D EquipmentR&D EquipmentR&D Equipment